• we only deliver “PREMIUM” quality product.
• We deliver 99% products safely, in case you receive damaged package, make a clear video of unboxing to claim repair or replacement.
• You can request repair or replacement claim in next 24 hours after receiving your products, to claim you have to send unboxing video at +919142884517.
• Our team will verify your claim after watching your video in next 24 hours.
• In video if our team find any damages then you have to send the product to our location, if you are not able to send it in that case we provide pickup service.
• After receiving your product our technical team will check the product to ensure that your claim is valid.
• If your claim is valid and the damage is made by our side then our technical team will first repair the product, if the product was not in repairing condition then our team will replace it.
• There will be no charges in repairing and replacement.
• If the product is currently out of stock then you will get the refund of the product.
• Shipping charges and other handling fees such as Cash on delivery fee etc. is not refundable.
• If the product found misuse, static discharge, neglect, accident, modification, or has been soldered or altered in any way then it will not cover under warranty, due to the nature of the products we are selling and our strict quality policy, then your claim will be consider as invalid and you will not be eligible for repair replacement or refund.
• If you want your damaged product back then you will have to pay the delivery charges first.
• Replacement or refund can be provided only after getting the product back to our Location.
• The product you have ordered on back order will not be refunded, you will have to wait or can take reference product.
• If you placed an order and you have completed your payment and now you want refund in that case we will deduct 5% of your amount as transaction charges, this is only applicable only if your order is not dispatched from our location and this is not applicable for backorder.
• There is no Partial Payment refund if customer cancel his order by his own.


• If customer called and inform that he has placed order and has received it but he made a mistake in choseing the product and now he want replacement of that order to the product he actually wants then we will replace it but customer have to pay delivery charges/RTO and the difference amount of the product.
• If there is any damage to the product after receiving it then there will be no replacement.
• Customer has to pay 10% extra charges as we could have sell that product during the time he had the product which he ordered by mistake and customer had to pay charges of shipping and RTO.


•If by mistake customer have received wrong order and the mistake was made by our end then we will replace it only when we receive it to our location, customer have to wait for his original order due to strict policy.


• If you haven’t received your refund within 5 business days from the date of refund update your passbook and check.
• If the transaction is not showing in the passbook then send us its photo.
• If you have done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us.


• Customers can only claim on packaged includes, if any product is not mentioned in packaged include then it will not be considered.
• We will only accept or consider any missing products claim if you inform the same over whatsapp/call within 24 hours after products arrival.
• Any missing claim of products made after 24 hours of delivery will not be valid.
• Final decision will be taken by our team.

If you have any product issues, questions related to refunds and returns policy feel free to contact us on whatsapp/telephone at +919142884517.