Cash on Delivery Information

• If you choose cash on delivery payment mode then you have to pay 5% extra charges which is mentioned in YOUR ORDER section while you were doing payment.
• That 5% extra charges that you are paying at the time of cash on delivery are not kept by us, those charges are taken by the courier company as handling fee.
• If you have placed an order on cash on delivery then you will have to make partial payment which includes cash on delivery charges and shipping charges(Our customer support will contact you for receiving partial payment).
• If customer refused to take order then there will be no partial payment refund, customer will be responsible for shipping charges and cash on delivery charges.
• Within 3 days you will have to make partial payment and after payment your order will get confirmed and if you did not made partial payment within 3 days then your order automatically will get cancelled.
• If you have made payment before 12 NOON then your order will be shipped same day(business days).
• After payment you will receive email mentioned your partial payment received.
• After successful partial payment customer will have to pay the rest amount at delivery time.
• If you have made partial payment and now you want to cancel it then in that case you will get refund only if your order is not shipped and if your order is shipped then there will be no refund.
• If you have placed an order and it got returned to our place then your order will get cancelled and if you want it back then you have to place a new order.

Please feel free to contact us on whatsapp/call for any query on +919142884517.